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Kay. Geek. Student. Cinematographer. Software Engineer. Designer.

In my heart lives a Computer Scientist.

I will be studying at Georgia Tech this fall. Previously at SUIS Gubei, I published a paper about porting Apple’s system frameworks, delivered a full stack portfolio site for a dancer client and contributed to several open source projects.

In my heart lives an entrepreneur.

I am the founder of SUIS Re·Action, making memories timeless and accessible. At UCLA Extension, I had a blast dreaming up startup VibeFind with my friends. I also provide business consultation for smaller businesses from time to time.

In my heart lives a writer.

Despite my horrendously poor writing skills, I ocasionally write about random technical stuff. Somehow and totally unexpectedly, those got featured on Six Colors, 9to5Mac, MacRumors, Mac & i, BusinessInsider, Ars Technica, ATP, Mac Power Users, MacWorld Asia and many more.

In my heart lives a friendly human being.

You can find me by searching for user iOSight on WeChat. Or give me a shoutout through Twitter, Github, Youtube, Instagram, Zhihu and Email. I also celebrate my favourite things in this world every year. Want to see if you know me well? Take a quiz.

Whoever’s reading this, thanks for your time.