A very special iOS 10 promo audio

Written on June 7, 2016

Apple has created a spoken version of its iOS 10 video for visually impaired individuals. If you choose the alternative audio track, in addition to the background music, you hear the following voiceover.

“The bottom of an iPhone slides toward us. It pivots upwards and zooms into Messages. “Hello” is written in green. Then hiking photos appear. “Hello” appears as a message. Then the home screen appears and News is pressed. An article is read. A message is sent and a video of a punchy women appears.

Video of a self-driving DeLorean plays and we say “Hey Siri, Get me a Lyft to SFO”. The Lyft app opens and we open Apple Music on a new iPhone. Recently Played is swiped and Hollywood Wildlife is selected. Lyrics of the song appeared and we switch iPhones* again. We zoom into the Photos menu. Memories is pressed. And a set of galleries is browsed. The iPhone spins and “I’m home” button is turned on and more preferences appeared.

Then “Boom” appeared as a message followed by Disney emojis and video of a boy at the front door. Hey is handwritten and sent, then hello appears as title surrounded by fog, revealing an iOS 10 logo that spins to reveal an Apple logo.”

*: If Philip W. Schiller is to be believed, shouldn’t this be “iPhone devices” rather than “iPhone”?